90 people attended the Reunion. 60 of them are direct descendants of John and Mary Smigelsky, née Pavk.


Ray, Sue and Kathy

Harry, Dante, Mary Kay, PJ, Patti, Andrew, Dalila, Paul Leonard
(Martyak and DeNome)

front: Joseph, Robert, Olivia, Hannah
middle: Jordan, Kay, Elizabeth, Marcia, Mary, Beth
back: Dominic, Judy, Nathan, Jeff, Alan
(Moyer and Spangler)

front: Brittany, Rachel, Kayla & Dalton, Tina, Noel, Karen & Michael, Stephen
middle: McGarren, Howard, Toni, Renie, Taylor & Andrew, Irene, Sharon, Angie, June, Jessica
back: Mark, Brian, Tommy, Vera, Mackenzie, Jimmy, Don, Gina, Louis, Jennie
(Beatrice, Tanis, Grubbs, Laskowyj, Dorsey, Newsome,
Wall, Eckenrode, Norris, Hockenberry)

front: Michael & Calabaza, Jodi, Debbie, Justin, Rosella, Denise, Amelia, Louis Philippe & Remolino
back: John Jr, Chris, Caitlin, John, Mark, Deborah, Mike, Olivia, Steve, Colin, Kyle
(Smigelsky, Hannis, Florio)